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POAP Resources

A collection of resources for creating POAPs.

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To create your POAP there’s a variety of tools you can use. If you don’t have any editing software here are a few options:


  • Use one of the standard Rocket Pool background templates:
  • List the date on the POAP
  • List the ratio (optional but recommended)
  • Event must specifically involving the Rocket Pool community
  • Official Rocket Pool colors (optional):
    • Orange = #FDA264, rgb(253, 162, 100)
    • Red/Pink = #FD6461, rgb(253, 100, 97)
    • Yellow = #FFEE5C, rgb(255, 238, 92)
  • Official Rocket Pool font (optional): Open Sans

Create your POAP

  1. Take a look at the media kit for graphics and templates that may be useful.
  2. Create your image.
    • Mandatory: PNG / APNG format
    • Recommended: measures 500x500px, round shape, and less than 200kb
    • If the image is too large it may be illegible when rescaled - Include the RPL/ETH ratio in the image, title, or description - For animation, create a .gif and rename it to .png before uploading

Distribute your POAP

There’s various distribute your POAP and different pros and cons of each: